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Actuarial Salary Survey

2019 Actuarial Salary Survey

The DW Simpson Actuary Salary Survey is comprised of salary data we accumulate in our day-to-day operations. All of our information is listed below, and you may click these links to jump to the Casualty, Health, Life, Pension, Entry Level or Non-Traditional actuarial salary surveys.

Please contact us at actuaries@dwsimpson.com if you have any questions about your actuarial career or would like a customized compensation analysis based on your background. Our experienced actuarial recruiters can provide you with the best information so you can make the right decisions about your next career move.

Scroll down to see our full salary survey, or download this simplified PDF handout.

2019 Salary Survey Handout (PDF)

Quick Actuarial Salary Calculator

This interactive graph summarizes all of our data into 12 non-linear regressions to make it as easy as possible to answer the question, “How much do actuaries make?”  This includes Casualty, Health, Life & Pension actuary salaries at the Student, Associate and Fellowship career levels.  Continue scrolling down the page to see our underlying data and salary charts separated by discipline & career level.

About the DW Simpson Salary Survey

For 30 years, DW Simpson has gathered salary information from thousands of actuaries we have placed in actuarial jobs worldwide. As the largest actuarial recruitment firm, we place more actuaries in jobs than any other company. Through our continued relationship with actuaries and employers, we gather thousands of data points on salaries, bonus packages, total yearly compensation, career level, discipline, location, country and many other factors.

The data in each table reflects total compensation (base + bonus) and each graph has a Green line which reflects Total Compensation, a Blue line which solely represents Salary, and a Red line which solely reflects Bonus.

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View our Actuarial Salary Survey by State.

Actuary Salary by State

Casualty Actuary Salary Survey

A passing grade for exams 1, 2, 3F, MAS-I, MAS-II, 5 and 6 each equal 1 exam.

Casualty< 1 yr1-3 yrs3-5 yrs5-7 yrs7-10 yrs10-15 yrs*15-20 yrs*20+ yrs*
1 Exam48-6552-7055-77
2 Exams50-7155-8055-8160-9269-100
3 Exams54-7760-8666-9976-10580-110
4 Exams56-7861-9068-10578-10784-12094-141
5 Exams65-9570-10781-11885-132100-160
6 Exams70-9778-11690-12695-151104-167
7 Exams72-9985-11893-13599-160109-172

Visualize our data.

Our Property & Casualty Actuarial Salary Survey accounts for 50% of our salary data. The P&C market consistently has the highest senior level salaries, and the demand for casualty actuaries remains consistent throughout various outside market conditions. The wide range in salaries at senior levels is due to a variety of factors (ie: management experience, communication skills, diverse background, software, etc).

Visit our P&C page for information about current jobs & industry news.

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Health Actuary Salary Survey

A passing grade for exams P, FM, IFM, MLC and C each equal 1 exam.

Health< 1 yr1-3 yrs3-5 yrs5-7 yrs7-10 yrs10-15 yrs*15-20 yrs*20+yrs*
1 Exam49-6054-6957-76
2 Exams54-6856-7661-8265-89
3 Exams56-7257-8364-9067-96
4 Exams58-7462-8968-10078-10779-117
5+ Exams68-9372-11079-11884-125

We’ve got big data.

The health market has seen the fastest growth in salaries along with the highest demand for experienced actuaries. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the demand for health actuaries has dramatically increased at all experience levels, from student to Chief Actuaries.

Go to our health page for the latest jobs & news.

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Life Actuary Salary Survey

A passing grade for exams P, FM, IFM, MLC and C each equal 1 exam.

Life< 1 yr1-3 yrs3-5 yrs5-7 yrs7-10 yrs10-15 yrs*15-20 yrs*20+ yrs*
1 Exam51-6154-7056-76
2 Exams52-6455-7758-8363-90
3 Exams55-6958-8163-9469-100
4 Exams57-7664-9268-10074-10476-117
5+ Exams68-10372-10976-12085-130

We see the trends.

The life actuarial market typically has the highest outliers with salaries well into the six figures. These high paid actuaries usually have backgrounds in investments, consulting and international business. The highest concentration of life actuarial jobs are in the Northeastern US, however, demand for life actuaries is strong across the US and internationally.

Our life page is regularly updated with up-to-date jobs and news.

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Pension Actuary Salary Survey

A passing grade for exams P, FM, IFM, MLC and C each equal 1 exam.

Pension< 1 yr1-3 yrs3-5 yrs5-7 yrs7-10 yrs10-15 yrs*15-20 yrs*20+ yrs*
1 Exam44-5650-6455-70
2 Exams46-6256-7058-7764-83
3 Exams48-6857-7461-8465-9172-99
4 Exams56-7563-8465-9174-10076-106
5 Exams66-8968-9475-10477-112

Know your market.

Pension jobs make up less than 10% of open actuarial jobs, however, the demand for actuaries to manage existing retirement funds remains constant with salaries rising for associates & fellows. In recent years, more companies and individuals have moved into 401Ks and other retirement options. This has led to slightly negative growth for the overall pension market, with the exception being public pensions.

Visit our pension page for the latest jobs & news.

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Entry Level Actuarial Salary Survey

Aspiring Actuaries

We are the only actuarial recruitment firm with a full dedicated entry level team. Please visit our entry level actuarial jobs page for current actuarial jobs & news.

Actuarial Salary Survey by Gender

Non-Traditional Actuarial Salary Survey

Actuaries in Non-Traditional Jobs.

We regularly work with actuaries that work in non-traditional roles, such as predictive analytics, catastrophe modeling, programing, investments, informatics, banking and academia. We also place more PhD’s into actuarial roles than any other recruitment firm. If you have questions about a specific actuarial skill set, please contact us for more information.

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About Our Survey

COPYRIGHT 2019 – This survey may NOT be systematically duplicated on any website or other media.

  • Updated Actuary Salary Surveys (US dollars, in thousands)
  • Each Salary Matrix figure includes BASE SALARY + TOTAL BONUS (Passed Exams, Target, Stock, Auto, Housing, etc)
  • Salary Ranges represent the 5th and 95th percentiles
  • All Salary Data comes from actual job placements, updated salary information from previous placements, prior job compensation before placement, and turned down salary offers.

This is not a full range of compensation packages. We find that the salaries + bonuses of 90% of the actuaries that we speak with fall within these ranges (the top and bottom 5% are excluded). These ranges are for entry level actuaries, students, associates and fellows who are serving in more or less traditional actuarial roles. Compensation packages for this purpose include salary plus bonus. Years of experience begins with first full-time actuarial experience. All types of actuarial employment – insurance, consulting, reinsurance and other employers – are combined. The graphs and linear regressions include 98% of all salary data collected. These salary surveys are segmented by location, gender, discipline, career level, general insurance, consulting and reinsurance. If you would like customized salary reports, please contact us for more information.

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